As with their English spellings the emphasis is on developing their ability to spell based on phonics. Thankfully Irish is a more rules following phonetically based spelling system, with less exceptions than English, and learning to link letter combinations to phonemes and syllables yields great results.

Don't worry if your child isn't sure of the meaning of every word or able to put them in explanitory sentences. 

Déardaoin 27 Aibreán

Aoine 7 Aibreán

Dul siar / súil siar

10 Márta - 31 Márta

Aoine 31 Márta

Déardaoin 16 Márta

Aoine 10 Márta

Aoine 3 Márta

Dul siar / súil siar

20 Eanáir - 17 Feabra


Aoine 10 Feabhra

Aoine 3 Feabhra

  • ús

Aoine 27 Eanáir

Aoine 20 Eanáir